Images Management System

URL-based pictures transformations

No more PHOTOSHOP or similar for >99% of your web pictures manipulations

Why Picly?

All your sites pictures located at your own local Picly server

No more minutes or hours using tools to crop, resize, blur, make borders, blurring faces...

Just pick your image with the right url syntax and get back with the transformation you need:



You get...

resize is one of the simplest Picly plugins and changes the size of sandra.jpg

With some plugins concatenated on-the-fly...

https://yourpicly.picly.io/request/cropcircle:w(260),h(260),x(74),y(0)/text:t(I love Sandra),c(red),p(South),f(Dancing-Script-Bold),s(28),o(0.9)/sandra.png

You get...

We know that this kind of url can be too long to manage it, so we provide a short url for every Picly you create:

Try now or install Picly for free!

Easy and fun... and no card required!

More than 50 Picly plugins available for free

Learn more about Picly plugins

Other uses

One more thing... Picly is not only about images processing but it can be applied for optical character recognition (OCR) and face recognition so Picly can be used as a filter. E.g, one of plugins can do this:


Automagically you get...

Fast and simple. Powerful, right? Of course, you can extend the default functionality by creating your own plugins.

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Build my own plugin

Powerful dashboard

Manage all your pictures with a modern HTML5 web dashboard with all information about all your images, plugins info, image requests, transformation lab and much more.


Picly server is reliable, fast, design for performance and track images usage.


Picly provides a simple API to develop new plugins using standard Node JS modules system. By default, +50 fomatting plugins are provided.

Under control

Since Picly works as local server and not as CDN service, everything is under your control. You are the boss.

Picly is an image server design to serve pictures with extreme performance.

Thanks to the set of plugins by default and many other publicly available from GitHub, you get effects and transformations needed by most of the cases when you insert pictures in your sites, blog, shops... without wasting time in using tools like Photohop, Gimp, etc.

Use on Picly server to server all images needed by all your sites.

Using Picly is easy: all plugins have a coherent url syntax. No programming skill are required. Just the name of the plugin more its parameters.

Easy install

$ npm install @solidstack/picly && picly install

and you have you own image server (with its web dashboard) up & running!

Picly has a few dependencies, like Redis and Graphicks Magick library. It has been develped with performance in mind.

Save time = save money!

You can start now the free version up to premium edition in order to your company starts saving money now.

With Picly you save money... cause saving time is saving money! No more time working with external tool to make the same manipulations over and over again.


Any problems? Don't worry, our team will be ready for any doubt you have.

Our Picly support team will help you if you need in the installation or any help you may need. Picly is a live project and is improved continuously, adding new plugins, new features...

Fast FAQ

So... it's just another IMS (Image Management System)?
No way! Picly server provides and is extendable with new NodeJS plugins adding amazing features. Is not about image manipulation only, it takes control about how images are used in your sites or applications.

Can I concatenate more than one plugin?
That's the key of Picly: just one request for many transformations. For example:


Resize (resize) to 260 pixels width plus set a water mark (watermark) with the name "picly" and so on. The limit is your imagination!

What's a Picly plugin exactly?
Is just a simple Node JS module which exports some functions to Picly framework. A Picly plugin module is able to manipulate an image according with the parameters indicated, defines which params needs and also defines a "hook" so that implement any kind of pre-process work in an image request.

Can I extend the number of Picly plugins? Yes. Picly comes with a number of plugins by default. With these ones you can afford most of the images manipulation needs in any site. Moreover, you can download new Plugins from open source community to extend Picly core functionality, like other extendable systems using modules like Drupal, Wordpress, etc.

Need more info?

You can get more information at info@picly.io

Picly plugins

Here you can see some examples from default Picly plugins set








Round edges














Picly comes by default with a set of transformation plugins, but any developer can extend Picly functionality with new ones.

A Picly plugin is a standard Node JS module implementing specific methods.

Explore more plugins Learn how to develop new Picly plugins Learn how to develop new plugins

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